About to build a new store on 2.3.3 - what's the current theme advice?


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Hey team.

New post, am like farming. But do actually have legit issues here!

I'm building on 2.3.3 via AMIstacx on AWS - and this site needs to be next f***ing level.

I have a few Magento sites up my sleeve, but I want this one to be a game-changer for the industry in Aus.

So - is it Pearl?

The ridiculous nature of Porto (stupid drop shadows everywhere etc that you have to reverse-css to get rid of easily, bloats the code) and the non-ajax annoyance of Ultimo have left me dazed and confused.


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Hi, I'm using porto, but for my next project, Pearl is my favorite. Especialy for compatibility. In Pearl you have extensions developed by themselves, but Porto use 3rd party extensions.