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Would anyone be interested in purchasing an AirBnB clone? I've done some research and the following three looks promosing although the prices mentioned below does not include native / web apps.

  1. Renters $250
  2. AirStar $550
  3. RentAll $899
Let me know your thoughts or if you had a different one in mind that I should look at.
You could use Jomres instead (Joomla or WP based) and
  1. Save yourself a bunch of money,
  2. Be more flexible in design,
  3. Use a tried and proven system that gets regularly updated, expanded and maintained
  4. Be able to extend with many 3rd party extensions
Just a thought. It would need some more time to configure and modify to look exactly like AirBnB. But I think exact and real clones are not very effective anyway. Because they do exactly as the name says - Look like a clone. For me as visitor to that site the thought would be: They copy another site - so that must be good... Lets go to the original!