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  • Hi Guest, Welcome to SN 2.0, A new start, towards making this forum great once again. A lot has happenned in the last 6 months along with a world Pandemic. As you can realize that this is a new site and i have tried to recover as much as possible from the old version but pls expect some areas which might be lost forover or replaced with better things. 1. Payment Options 2. Resources(Rebuild) 3. Fixing all Prefixes 4. Permissions & Forum Moderation are some areas which are being worked upon. I will continue to update all of you via this notification as i work in the background to get you the best experience. Lastly we will also clarify about the issues we have had. Pls have Patience as we fix all credits wallets on priority. Best Regards, SN Team. Stay Safe.


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Jun 19, 2019
The current version is 1.3.4, i will wait because i still see flaws in that version, it is silly to put all the updates... when they are so close in time.
i ask for your patience!!


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Jun 19, 2019
update 1.3.4 - 08/02/2020

= 1.3.4 =
* Registration - Fixed dimensions of background image on Registration page

= 1.3.3 =
* Login - Fixed login redirect issue on certain Apache servers
* Forums - Fixed issue with Close and Sticky links showing to subscribers for closed forums
* Search - Made search icon clickable in activity and group search inputs

= 1.3.2 =
* Theme Options - Added new options area for uploading 'Custom Fonts'
* Theme Options - Fixed colors being applied incorrectly for search results (re-save options)
* Theme Options - Fixed colors being applied incorrectly for Like buttons (re-save options)
* Forums - Fixed the spacing below titles on standalone forums and sub-forums
* Forums - Fixed pagination not displaying when loading many sub-forums
* Messages - Fixed the formatting of bulleted and numbered lists in messages
* Messages - Fixed message list not loading more after scrolling down on mobile devices
* Messages - Switched the dropdown loader animation to be the same as other areas in the theme
* Notifications - Switched the dropdown loader animation to be the same as other areas in the theme
* Activity - Consistent styling for default WordPress embeds and our custom preview embeds
* Widgets - Improved the styling of the '(BB Login' widget
* Widgets - Added styling for the new '(BB Profile Completion' widget from BuddyBoss Platform
* AppBoss - Header and Footer are now hidden when viewing web fallback pages in AppBoss mobile app
* Elementor - Fixed styling when a Group Type shortcode is used in an Elementor element
* LearnDash - Fixed inconsistent display of Video Progression icon for LearnDash topics
* LearnDash - Fixed plural 'Start Lessons' text on ribben when using LearnDash Course Grid
* Compatibility - Global fix for all radio and checkbox conflicts with various plugins
* Compatibility - Fixed conflicts with plugin 'BuddyPress Shortcodes'
* Translations - Fixed text for blog 'Social Share' icons not being translatable
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Jun 19, 2019
update 1.4.4 - 01/02/2020

= 1.4.4 =
* Text Editor - Added styling for the updated text editor from BuddyBoss Platform
* Elementor - Fixed the course author radius when using [ld_course_list] shortcode
* LearnDash - Fixed the notice styling on lessons scheduled for a 'Specific Date'
* LearnDash - Code optimization and performance improvements for Grid View ajax
* WP Job Manager - Fixed the styling of 'Recent Jobs' and 'Recent Resumes' widgets
* Licenses - Added Show/Hide button for license key, set to hidden by default
* Translations - Added French language files, credits to Jean-Pierre Michaud

= 1.4.3 =
* Menus - Fixed duplicated icon picker, caused by conflict with WordPress 5.4

= 1.4.2 =
* Elementor - Added options for Sign In and Sign Up buttons in 'Header Bar' block
* Elementor - Fixed 'Header Bar' block formatting when BuddyPanel is disabled
* Elementor - Fixed BuddyPanel overlapping content when enabling 'Stretch Section'
* Elementor - Fixed conflicts with plugin 'Elementor - Header, Footer & Blocks'
* Translations - Added German (formal) language files

= 1.4.1 =
* Fixed PHP error

= 1.4.0 =
* Groups - Added styling for the new 'Group Messages' feature in BuddyBoss Platform
* Profiles - Improved the text-wrapping of long names on single profile view
* Profiles - Fixed profile page auto-scrolling down when Cover Image is set to 'Full Width'
* Email Invites - Improved the styling of tabs, invitation form, and text editor font
* Theme Options - Added new alternate logo option for 'Dark Mode' in desktop and mobile
* Theme Options - Improved output of 'Accents' and 'Hover links color' styling options
* Blog - Fixed browser popup when commenting twice on a blog post with duplicate text
* Beaver Builder - Added new 'Header Bar' block for profile dropdown and icons in custom headers
* Elementor - Added new 'Header Bar' block for profile dropdown and icons in custom headers
* Events Calendar Pro - Fixed checkboxes not appearing in Filter widget in sidebar
* GamiPress - Improved styling for the single badge detail in desktop and mobile
* Gutenberg - Added support for new Buttons, Gradients, and Social Icons in WordPress 5.4
* LearnDash - Improved output of LearnDash 'Accent Color' if selected
* LearnDash - Fixed issues with Matrix Sorting on quizzes in mobile view
* LearnDash - Fixed course author not updating after changing the author in backend
* LearnDash - Fixed 'Participants' duplicating names when rapidly double clicking 'Show more'
* LearnDash - Fixed mobile logo displaying smaller on LearnDash pages than default pages
* LifterLMS - Added support for the new 'LifterLMS Groups' add-on
* LifterLMS - Now displaying a tooltip on lessons which require a prerequisite lesson
* LifterLMS - Fixed issues with using uploaded video file as 'Featured Video' in a course
* LifterLMS - Fixed layout issues when using LifterLMS with WooCommerce add-on
* LifterLMS - Fixed layout issues with LifterLMS membership category pages
* LifterLMS - Fixed errors with 'LifterLMS Social Learning' when integration is disabled
* Compatibility - Fixed conflicts with Gravity Forms add-on 'GravityView - Ratings & Reviews'
* Compatibility - Fixed styling issues with plugin 'BP Profile Message UX Free'
* Compatibility - Fixed styling issues with Messages component in Internet Explorer

= 1.3.9 =
* Blog - Fixed blog archive displaying with errors on certain servers
* LearnDash - Improved output of LearnDash 'Accent Color' if selected
* LearnDash - Fixed responsive styling issues on courses, in mobile devices
* LifterLMS - Fixed comments not displaying on courses and lessons, when enabled
* WooCommerce - Fixed outdated templates and sidebar logic after WooCommerce 4.0.0 update

= 1.3.8 =
* Login - Fixed redirect errors when logging out and then back in on mobile
* Messages - Fixed inconsistent avatars between Messages dropdown and Messages inbox
* Profiles - Fixed clicking checkboxes in Advanced Search breaking the members directory
* Forums - Fixed GIF panel displaying automatically when posting multiple consecutive replies
* Events Calendar Pro - Fixed styling for [tribe_events] shortcode
* LearnDash - Fixed minor layout issues related to LearnDash 3.1.4
* LearnDash - Fixed sidebar content not always scrolling when in Focus Mode
* LearnDash - Fixed output of LearnDash 'Accent Color' and 'Progress Color' if selected
* LearnDash - Fixed output of [learndash_payment_buttons] shortcode
* LifterLMS - Fixed function dependency for plugin 'LifterLMS Assignments'
* Compatibility - Fixed styling issues with plugin 'BuddyPress Lock Unlock Activity'

= 1.3.7 =
* Blog - When a blog post has no comments, and comments are disabled, removed text '0 Comments'
* Email Invites - Improved the responsive layout of 'Sent Invites' table in mobile devices
* Elementor - Fixed image widget showing a background color when enabling 'Attachment Caption'
* LearnDash - Fixed 'Course Short Description' displaying underneath the course price box
* LearnDash - Improved layout for Certificates in 'My Courses' menu on profiles
* LifterLMS - Fixed a variety of small layout issues in LifterLMS content

= 1.3.6 =
* LearnDash - Fixed error on 'My Courses' menu in profiles

= 1.3.5 =
* LifterLMS - Added full support for 'LifterLMS' and all first party add-ons
* Profiles - Improved styling for 'Multi Select' profile field type
* Header - Fixed 'Profile Dropdown' WP menu not displaying with BuddyBoss Platform disabled
* Header - Fixed responsive width of Messages and Notifications dropdowns on mobile
* Widgets - Fixed styling issues with hierarchical categories in WP 'Categories' widget
* Compatibility - Fixed styling issues with several 'GamiPress' add-ons
* Compatibility - Fixed styling issues with 'BuddyPress Recent Profile Visitors' plugin
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Jun 19, 2019
update 1.5.0 - 09/06/2020

= 1.5.0 =
* Documents - Added styling for new Documents features from BuddyBoss Platform
* Typography - Google Fonts list is now updated weekly with the latest fonts
* Blog - Fixed sidebar not appearing when Blog layout set to 'Masonry' or 'Grid'
* Elementor - Search icon in 'Header Bar' block now uses Network Search results
* Elementor - Fixed 'Header Bar' conflict with plugin 'Livemesh Addons for Elementor'
* LearnDash - Fixed 'LearnDash Course Grid' shortcode limiting lesson count to 20
* LearnDash - Fixed Grid vs List View settings output for shortcodes
* LifterLMS - Fixed course grid ribbons not available for translation
* LifterLMS - Fixed Grid vs List View settings output for shortcodes
* WooCommerce - Fixed 5 star product reviews getting visually cut off

= 1.4.6 =
* Activity - When page has two sidebars, fixed right sidebar disappearing on refresh
* Activity - When page has two sidebars, fixed scrolling issues on mobile
* Messages - Improved the mobile experience, fixing scrolling and text editor issues
* Email Invites - Improved the mobile layout, allowing 'Sent Invites' table to scroll
* Forums - Fixed tags displaying on frontend when 'Discussion tags' is disabled
* Events Calendar Pro - Added compatibility for add-on plugin 'Schedule Day View'
* LearnDash - Fixed display of long lesson titles for Free courses, when not enrolled
* WooCommerce - Fixed outdated template notice after WooCommerce 4.1.0 update
* WooCommerce - Fixed issue with widgets not appearing on single product sidebar
* Yoast SEO - Fixed breadcrumbs not visible when 'Sticky Header' is enabled
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files

= 1.4.5 =
* Text Editor - Improved formatting of text blocks and text previews
* Text Editor - Fixed icons conflict with plugin 'BuddyPress User Blog'
* Elementor - Fixed dark mode and toggle icon positioning when viewing Quizzes
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