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Magento Create multiple magento 2 header and change layout header | venustheme

Discussion in 'Magento Hacks M2.X' started by napros, Oct 8, 2016.

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    In terms of this Tutorials, above topic is very interesting in Magento. To make clarify about ” How to create multi header and change header
    layouts in Magento”. You can follow these steps in Magento2:
    For example: To create multi header for themes in magento 2 on Venustheme.

    *** Create multi-header on Venustheme:

    Step 1: You can create Magento 2 header which is still new in Magento 2. You already have file .phtml, you can add to like that
    >>> app/design / frontend/ Venustheme/ theme_name / Ves_Themesetting / templates / header

    Choose any default (number) for header at that link:


    You can design and change position block on the header at this file header1.phtml like this tutorial >>>> (How to create new header)

    To add more default header, you do same like the first header. To similarize , you have multi ( .phtml ) header file. Each file (.phtml) is one of header.
    If you want to create Magento 2 header for themes, you need to prepare many files.

    Step 2: After that, you have to change to Frontend.
    Step 3: Change backend for magento 2 themes on Venustheme. Moreover, you have to change at the Admin panel > Ves themesetting / Header Tab

    Here, you can change it. Selected header for each storeview


    Step 4: You can change config header on module Themesetting : Go to backend —> Ves Themesetting —> Header


    *** To change header layout depends on which layouts you want. At “Header layout”, you can choose layouts header you want to config.
    In each layout you can change color, prices, languages, currencies, links, top bar. For details:

    • + Toplinks
    • + Search box
    • + Language Switcher
    • + Currency Switch
    • + Sticky header
    • + Top bar
    • + Top cart

    Step 5: Refresh cache system and view changed config the frontend

    You've completed to create magento 2 header and change layout. Thanks for your attention to our Tutorial.
    All your contributional feedback can leave here to promote our Tutorial closer to customers need.
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    great . I love customization in magento

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