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Dec 20, 2017
Flat Awesome Themes - XenForo
Hello guys, I have not much to say, but this is a leak of the Flat Awesome Themes (Not FA+). I hope you enjoy it :D.
Flat Awesome - PixelExit.com

Welcome to Flat Awesome

Simply put... this style uses no images the default style would. The entire XenForo sprite, node icons, logo(optional text logo), and image gradients have been removed and replaced with font awesome. Removed in the sense the CSS has been deleted completely so there's no loading them what so ever.

Main points of the style...

Color Adjustment:

I've added 8 custom color palettes to help you easy adjust the primary colors across the style. To put it simply the top row controls the background, and the property directly beneath it controls the font color on that background.

For example: @facolor4 is the background colors for the buttons across the style, beneath it is @facolor8 which controls the font color.

Style Properties:

I've condensed the properties into a single page which allows you to control the bulk of the style.

I've made sure to catch the little icons here and there such as:

And many more areas...

Last note... this style has quite a few template edits(like a lot). To do a style like this properly and to make it so it loads no images I had to edit a lot of templates. XF hard codes a lot of gradient images across the default style which I had to remove(well I wanted too). So when it comes to upgrading this style may have more outdated templates than you'd like but with the merge feature it makes it easy to fix that.

Thanks to @chris D for the star rating FA modification.
Thanks to @Dave Gandy for making Font Awesome View attachment 21648

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Btw this is my first "share". Please let me know if something is wrong. Download is working and I tested it myself (Been using this theme for years!)


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Jan 19, 2020
Can confirm link is not working.. :( Broken URL?