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Mar 2, 2018

Shopify TURBO Portland Version 5.0.0 - 350 $


Turbo 5.0.0 - October 31st, 2019
- New style available - Tennessee is a smooth, refreshing style; perfect for showcasing all the finer things in life
- New delivery of styles! We now have individual zips for each style so that you can get set up quickly with the existing demo shop layout and content (instead of just the fonts and colours) Why? We can only include a limited amount of styles in the settings_data.json file, so this enables us to include more styles!
- Introducing the option to have captions on top of image or below image on mobile for Image with Text Overlay sections, Slideshow sections and Video sections
- Brand new "Remove" button added to the mini cart and cart page based on popular demand
- New option to hide the featured image on the blog post article pages
- Updates across the mini cart and cart page to show automatic discounts earlier in the checkout process
- Improved functionality to resolve multiple audio loops on linked featured videos
- Standardized the "Sold out" button UX to provide consistent experience
- Resolved layout issues for Recently Viewed thumbnails when color swatches are enabled
- Sticky header layout issue updated to prevent unexpected spacing
- A11y improvements - ensure variants are readable by screen readers
- Mega menu no longer stays open when hovered over on touchscreen laptop devices
- Updated structured product data to prevent errors reported with JSON-LD
- When using InstantClick, previous scroll position is maintained when using browser back button
- Extra images are prevented from appearing in Quick Shop when infinite scrolling is enabled
- Fixed Microsoft IE/Edge bug where product images could be duplicated on scroll
- Ensures the template works properly with every image transition style
- Improved functionality for product gallery when more than 7 images are used
- Applied preferred layout for the order details page
- Updated translation for savings in German language file
- Resolved issue with incorrect sticker appearing in quick shop for "Coming soon"
- Ensured Team template title is always visible on mobile even when announcement bar is enabled

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Turbo is a fully-loaded theme that can easily accommodate high volume, large catalog shops including Shopify Plus merchants. But it's also an excellent choice for any size shop that's looking for an edge - one that won't sacrifice style and flexibility for enhanced performance. We update the theme on a regular basis, so all Turbo shops can continually benefit from new feature additions at no extra cost.

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