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Question Help with new forum XF1 or XF2?

Discussion in 'General XenForo 2 Discussion' started by lazarote, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. lazarote

    lazarote New Member SN Confirmed Member

    Hello everyone, I introduce myself, I'm from Cuba, I don't know if u guys know but in my country the internet is very bad, but we have a great intranet, the only thing missing is a good forum for discussions, the problem is the next: The hosting is provided by a state company , and its really poor, (it's literally crap) but later we plan to increase it, now, What version of xenforo do you recommend to run on this hosting?

    Now, I would like to have a different forum (the one that exists is from the ¨socialist¨state) I would like it to run on xenforo because in my opinion it is the best CMS, what addons do you recommend? What modifications in the template?

    The hosting properties are as follows:

    Disk space (M8-): 8000
    Database space (M8-): 2000

    Apache Web Server, FTP Server, SMTP Server, JavaScript.

    (All updated)

    PS: I was thinking of buying a premium package on this site, with the help of friends living in the US

    PS: Thx to

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    that help me in another thread
  2. itsblack

    itsblack New Member SN Confirmed Member

    As in other threads have been stated, you should go with xf2, cause it's not only modern and functional, but also stable and easy to use.
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  3. FRiEND

    FRiEND SN Donator SN Donator

    Hi, I'm no expert, but I run windows OS so I have Xampp installed (my personal pref) and installed xenforo 2.1.x for TESTING so I can add or remove new add-on releases, Styles etc. Setting up Xenforo on a localhost makes it possible to set-up your forum how you want it and learn plenty as U go. Than U can uploaded to your web-hosting when it's ready.

    Which add-ons? Really depend on type of forum you wish to have. So if you wish to share other files with members U could use basic build-in attachments in XF or maybe install Resource manager add-on. IF you plan on using your forum for Chat than of course U need a chat add-on by Siropu.

    You get the idea. Maybe if funds allow you could get a larger web hosting plan if and when needed.
    Finally: You will find plenty scripts, help and support here @ scriptznull. One of the best forums around.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Genom

    Genom New Member New Member

    XF1 is basically dead now. There's no question that everybody running a XF based website should be on XF2 by now.

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