How to add Spoiler BBCode in vB5


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Do you want your forum users to easily post spoiler alerts?

Go to AdminCP > Custom BB Codes > Add New BB Code and enter the following information:

Title: Spoiler
BB Code Tag Name: spoiler

<span style="cursor:pointer; border:1px solid red;padding:2px; color:red" onclick="'';'none'" title="Click to show content">SPOILER</span><span style="display:none; cursor:pointer; border:1px dotted #000; padding:2px" onclick="'';'none'" title="Click to hide content">{param}</span>

This is a test
Other Options: <use default> (for Button Image option, you could specify image path. If specified, a new button for this BB Code will appear in the editor)

Screenshots : Screenshot

Thanks to the Original Mod Creator - glennrocksvb

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Example: Screenshot should be like this forum have spoiler tag.. the text have been hidded by the spoiler tag...