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Tutorial How to Harden your Ubuntu 18.04 Server

Discussion in 'Webmaster Tutorials' started by Weldon Guzman, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Weldon Guzman

    Weldon Guzman New Member New Member

    I've found this interesting tutorial on Medium, so I thought about sharing it here:

    SSH is essential to server management. And although Linux is considered to be secure out of the box, it is advisable to follow the industry’s best method to secure your server; this post will walk you through some of the options available to harden OpenSSH. The instructions may work for other flavors of Linux but is intended for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

    For instance, you need to update the software applications regularly, use strong passwords and install a secure firewall to safeguard your system from hackers.

    Warning: Messing with how SSH works can be dangerous. You can very easily lock yourself out of the server. Be careful.

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    Odd, the link was removed, here you go.
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    I can't seem to share the link medium.com/@BaneBiddix/how-to-harden-your-ubuntu-18-04-server-ffc4b6658fe7
    But it's this one.
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