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Hi Members!

We are currently looking for new staff members, that will help us with managing the forum.

  • Moderator (Salary: 250 Credits p/m)
  • Chat Moderator (Salary: 100 Credits p/m)
  • Global Moderator (Moderator trial of 1 month) (350 Credits p/m)
  • Uploader
  • Nuller

Your profile:

  • You need to be active
  • Need to speak English
  • Can work in a team but also alone
  • Is active and is active on Discord

Please see below the information:

Tasks Moderator:
  • Managing posts & threads
  • Clearing the Approval Que
  • Being an active support for the members on the forum as well on Discord.
  • Make sure our rules are followed accordingly.
  • Make sure your designated section is being managed and supported.
Tasks Chat Moderator:
  • Managing chat
  • Make sure members are following the Chat Rules.
  • Warn / Ban users
  • Helping to improve the chat
Tasks Global Moderator:
  • Manage the forum
  • Manage the approval que
  • Manage resources
  • Manage Moderators
  • Deliver support to our members on here as well on Discord.
  • Feedback and input in improvements

Are you interested in becoming one of our staff members? Feel free to applytroghout our Application Forms.
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If anyone is interested to become one of the above position, please contact me on Discord!