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News new fsa status

Discussion in 'WHMCS News' started by L4Dcbcbr, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Feature Spotlight: Automation Status

    WHMCS 7.1 introduces new and easier ways to track and monitor the automated actions that your WHMCS installation performs for you on a daily basis. Beginning with the new Automation Overview dashboard widget, key information and stats that would previously only have been available by looking in the daily cron report email are now at your finger tips, with statistics such as number of invoices generated, credit cards captured and accounts suspended. Graphs show the trends and patterns for each automated task over the past 7 days and clicking on any of these will take you to the new Automation Status interface for a larger view and even more detailed information. The Automation Status page is split into 3 key sections. First up is the automation status, letting you know when things are running smoothly and alerting you to any problems. When the cron is configured and executing as expected, it will confirm...

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