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NoobFriendly Simple HTML Website

Discussion in 'Webmaster Tutorials' started by Yondu, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Yondu

    Yondu Administrator Staff Member SITE ADMINISTRATOR

    How to create a HTML website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

    Step 1:

    Install Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 , you can find cracks for the full version or you could pay for it to commit to the company that makes the software for you to use.

    Step 2:

    Once installed, now start up the program. When you have go onto the menu screen like this below.


    Under "Create New", Click "More".


    You now can see 3 columns with the types of templates and sample etc, Language types html, php, css, java etc and the layout of the design.
    Step 3:
    Click the 2 column liquid, right sidebar, header and footer option under Layout.
    You should see a page like this when you have clicked it.


    Step 4:

    Now go to your desktop on your computer and create a folder with a name with your site for example "FanCraft".


    Save this by clicking File > Save As > Select your folder on your desktop > Then name as index <


    Step 5:
    Create another folder in your website and call it Images, you will place your images for your site inside of this folder.


    All the images you want to have on your site, you save into that folder only or else your site would look messed and not organised!

    Step 6:
    Once you have saved all your images, you have then completely nearly done with the introduction to creating a website! - You can edit the texts by clicking them and adding the images by clicking the insert button. I will do another tutorial later on how to link pages on your simple website,
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  2. MidnightOwl

    MidnightOwl New Member New Member

    What about Adobe Muse? Do you suggest it, or "forever Dreamweaver"? :)
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  3. TXi

    TXi New Member New Member

    i still using dreamweaver, muse will be discontinue till 2020
    so, i dont recommended using muse
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