Games SA:MP Nexalus Generation Roleplay ((MySQL + Released))

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Leaks God
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Jun 11, 2015

Nexalus Generation RP Script


Family System: 12 Family slots, you can add more by increasing the MAX_Families.
New family level system, in-which every family have its own level, We have 3 levels till now, and every level have its own features.
Level 1: Can invite up to 10 members, and a custom HQ.
Level 2: Can invite up to 20 members, and a custom HQ.
Level 3: Can Invite up to 30 members, and a custom HQ.

* You can level up your family using family cookies, and you can recieve family cookies by the gang moderator or by achievming family achievments.

Faction System: 7 Factions.. LSPD, GOV, HA, NEWS, LSFMD, FBI, and DOC.
Every faction have its own command and own HQ, and thier ranks are totally different.
Example the LSPD have 16 Rank, you can add more if you wish.

Administrators System: Well, We have 9 administrative ranks.

1) Normal admin system, which is concerned 8 admin ranks.
2) Staff Observer, the high command 9 .

VIP System: Totally new VIP system.