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Featured Annouce ScriptzNull Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nullz, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. Nullz

    Nullz Mecho Network Co/Owner Staff Member SITE ADMINISTRATOR

    Please read our rules carefully:
    1. This is a ENGLISH ONLY forum.
    2. All scripts posted here are just leeched from the Internet. The author does not support them.
    3. Do not send a PM to Staff Members if you have problem with any scripts on this forum, please create a thread in the Helpdesk section. Someone will help you solve it.
    4. Only PM to Administrator if you have issue with your account.
    5. With Premium Resource, we don't give refunds all sales are final, so review it carefully before purchase it. All scripts in this section are working normally because we have tested it before uploading.
    6. When you upgrade to VIP, VIP+, VIP Monthly, or Super VIP Yearly & if you want to downgrade to member, please send PM to Administrator, we will downgrade without refund.
    7. ANY XenForo, VB, Magento & others can be uploaded on Resource page.
    8. ONLY 1 ACCOUNT PER USER all other accounts will be removed when found and if a user keeps making multiple accounts then user will be banned.
    9.Do not include virus, malware, spyware, shell on script you share. And check on

    You're a Guest, you don't have permission to view links. Please Register or Login to view this link.

    before upload it.
    10. If you are uploading files to a thread please post files ONLY in rar or zip format. Threads can not contain a non-referral link will be instantly deleted (a warning will be given to the offending user as well). This counts for monetization links and/or URL shorteners as well.
    11. You must have 5 "INDIVIDUAL" posts to see download links (Duplicate threads or posts will be deleted, combined or locked.)
    12. NO foul language in G rated forums!
    13. NO sexual content in G rated forums!
    14. Purposely disrupting a forum is forbidden.
    15. Predatory sexual behavior is forbidden.
    16. Harassing other users is forbidden.
    17. Impersonating Staff persons is forbidden.
    18. Flooding chat room with text is forbidden.
    19. Not allowed to sell products or services for real money only credits thru our system.
    20. We do NOT Allow selling scripts for real money. All scripts are sold using credits so people can earn credits by being active not to make money off them.
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