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Oct 14, 2018
Hi guys, first of all thanks for my acceptance, but why it's taking long to get into the threed, usualy in other forums it not like that. anyway, let's come to the point. i need webmaster tools for seo, for keywords etc. as i am new in this field, who can gonna help ?


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Apr 29, 2019
Here some tips:
First of all use keywords, the keywords need to explane the website and what it have,
The description need to talk about yours website and give the full review of your website.

Content, dont forget to set as more as you can content inside your website that give more information about your product.

use tags and keywords that you setted to create the best content that google will read.

Also use friendly URLs, the friendly URLS must give as more information as you can about the page, for example,
If you selling shared hositng, dont use "plans.html" use: "shared-web-hosting.html" , Google likes it ;)

About getting more visitors and bots, use Google blogs and other platforms and create posts with links to your website,

Good luk :)

Need more, ask and ill give you more.
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