Which Theme do you recommend for Jewellery-Making ?


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Hello everyone,

I will create a website magento 2 for sell Jewellery-Making Accessories and fashion jewelry.

I hesitate between a fashion theme like magetique (lingerie layout) or a handmade theme like craft or a jewelery theme ?

What is your opinion ?

Thanks in advance


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You should create your own template for hit extremely fast and being custom. Anyway, I was created magento jewellery website with Codazon Fastest Theme for beginner M1/M2 user. There are many plug-in for excellent store but you can use that theme easily and faster. Theme building up and demo import is very quick.
For beginners:
- easily demo by one button import for any store you want
- megamenu option drag/drop on theme
- slider plug-in easy for use not need to know block/HTML
- Codazon FPC for pages very useful
- easy to make daily deals
- instagram/twitter feed
- new filter menu for top and that very useful for mobile users, you not need to create custom layered navigotion for that.
- work faster with premium FPCs


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My experience with the ready made M2 theme I bought is that it makes the site slow. Something I didn't notice in M1 (with the same theme). I would recommend creating your own from scratch, as this is something that I will also probably do myself.


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As some members said, just build your own. Pick a theme that has a page builder built in, there are some around the forum that have that option.
After that, just don't use the samples, use instead the demo to view a page and try to replicate something you might want on your store. That's the best option.